Why Choose Grand Himalaya?

True is the saying that "health is wealth", and as long as you are healthy you can conquer all the obstacles on your way to success. Keeping this in mind we have made sure that we are equipped with all the nutritious food during our expedition, but this doesn't mean that we have compromised with your tastes. We know that a great delicacy can do wonders to a tiresome body, thus we have made sure that a nutritious dish is always accompanied with your favorites. Our clients' good health being our chief priority, we have made it mandatory for our cook's to undergo a special training regarding hygiene and nutrition. Vegetarian options are available as well. With respect to your choice we see to it that all vegetarian meals are cooked separately.

Experience counts

A working experience of not less than 20 years in the trekking and mountaineering field is what works as a boon for us. As we held to the belief that experience is the gateway to perfection, hence, all the members of GH are specifically trained and experienced in their particular field, be it the guide who works as an insight to your vision or the porter, who though insignificant plays the key role behind every trip. The founding members of GH and even most of our guides are a frequent visitor of western countries; this being the case our team is well acquainted with the likes and dislikes of the westerners. In short, "we know the Himalayas, we know the west". 

We see to it that our guides are loaded with proper information so that all your queries go answered and most importantly we believe that an amiable and patient staff can make even the tiresome and lengthy journey a delightful one.

Price and value

One who travels is one who lives their life to the utmost. Traveling can rejuvenate an ailing mind as well. Everyone needs a break from their monotonous life, a break when you can run away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the lap of Mother Nature. A break, when for once you are free from all the selfish ties of this materialistic world, where all that prevails is you and the selfless Mother Nature. However, one can't avoid the fact that all good things comes with a price tag. Traveling to some people can cost a fortune. As a result not everyone can get a chance to travel to their desired destination. Hence, we have tried to provide you with the most reasonable deals. So that none is deprived from enjoying the wonders of nature. Our price comes within your budget and yet at the same time delivers the same quality service as you desired for.


Life begins at the end of one's comfort zone. However, beyond the comfort zone lies the "danger", sudden and unavoidable. No matter however much informative one is one can never predict "Nature". It can shine and spread smile with its warmth and yet at the same time it can growl and shed bitterness everywhere. And out in the wilderness when one is away from civilization, "Natures" bitterness can be even harsher. Hence, in such condition one ought to be in safe and experienced hands. In that case we can assure you that by choosing GH you have delivered yourself in the most capable hands, as all our crew members are specifically trained in dealing emergency situations. They are quick, strong, helpful and yet patient at the same time. Our crew will always be there to cater to your needs during emergency. And beside this we always keep our selves well equipped with a comprehensive First-aid kit, portable altitude chamber (PAC), oxygen and mask set, and satellite phone; be it on a trek or an expedition.
Your "Safety" being our chief priority, we will never compromise with it.

Our style

Our style is what sets us apart from all the other Outdoor adventure travel agencies. We the founding members of GH have always been a keen traveler. Our never ending search for the Utopian world is what brought us together. Travelling for us is not just about discovering a new place but also discovering a new "self". And so the objective of any trek or an expedition is not just about reaching a particular destination, but more of the journey towards that destination.
A journey where you will embark on is Heavenly discovery and truly paradise on earth. Our keenness towards travelling has brought us several times on the field itself. This being the case we ourselves have had a first-hand experience of witnessing problems concerning the issues of high altitudes. Hence, depending upon the novice and experienced trekkers, we have been arranging the best in bespoke itineraries to suit your needs.

Our adventures

GH treks and expedition offers a vast array of exciting treks and expeditions that begins from the beautiful low lands of Nepal and expands right up to the highest peak of the earth "Everest". Our package includes Trekking in Nepal, Mountaineering expeditions, cultural tours, historical excursions, family holidays, classic countryside walks, go-wild River rafting, visiting exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tours, spiritual tours, cozy home stays, village trekking and village tour, unique jungle safari.GH has many courses on its platter. For instance, we have the tropical and coniferous mountain forests and lofty Himalayan peaks as starters. Then we have the Mount Everest itself in the main course.

Environmental Sustainability

The natural landscape of mountains, rivers, glacial lakes, forests, wild animals, favorable climate and the ever smiling people nestled beneath towering Himalayas, beautified by rare flora and fauna is what marks the very existence of Nepal among all the other gigantic countries.
Nature here has remained raw and intact for centuries. However, in recent times environmental degradation caused due to unsustainable human practices and activities have become one of the major concern. Hence we believe in the practice of "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos, kill nothing but time and keep nothing but memories". We believe that a good Trekkers practice is to minimize their impact on the land through which they travel, and this includes staying on established trails, not picking plants and carrying the garbage out. Preserving nature should be the chief goal of all the inhabitants of the earth. And GH is one of an ardent follower of this goal as the very founding member of GH has shown his concern and love for nature by raising the slogan of Save the Mother Earth at the highest peak of the world "Mount Everest".


Trekking in Nepal has been categorized into two different types which includes Tea House trek and Camping Trek. On our Tea house trek we provide you with the best available lodges/hotel en route. Although the lodges available in the trekking region may not be as luxurious as the one in the city, however, it has all the basic necessities to meet your needs. We have tried our utmost best to provide you with a shelter warm and comfortable enough to counter all your pains and restlessness.
Our camping trek comprises of spacious mess tent for dining with high-backed chairs and tables, a kitchen tent to prepare all your meals and to store foods, a toilet tent, shower tent, and most importantly a tent for each and every client to retire at night. All the private tents for clients are equipped with fairly thick foam mattresses, a tarpaulin to keep underneath the tent that will keep the tent warm and dry, and the tents that we use are made by international outdoor gear brands i.e. Mountain Hardware, Ozark, North-face, and so on.

Book with confidence

GH is a government registered company with the registration number 601491894 and has a registered office at Chabahil Stupa, Near Ganesh Mandir, Kathmandu, Nepal.
We are affiliated with all the chief trekking and mountaineering associations of Nepal which includes Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Associations (NMA), and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). All our information are true to the fullest and we provide you with everything that has been promised. Our Treks and expeditions are accompanied and lead by professional mountaineers and guides, who are well trained and licensed by the Government. Once you are booked with us your departure is guaranteed no matter whatsoever until and unless you decide to pull out due to personal reasons.